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March 8, 2010

So, the little sis is here to visit!


Which of course completes what we like to call the trifecta (thanks to Corey for the inspiration on that :))


We’ve been having lots of fun so far. There’s been a run at Duke:



Post-run Whole Foods pizza/salad bar:




Super Charge Me Cookies:

100_1318 100_1322 

And game night with friends:

Getting a little help during halftime of the Duke/UNC game:


Our lists:



Shamsham got a little warm. Amy used her cold hands to cool her down.


Chris and Bonnie confer for answers:



Amy and I wish we would have won. We may or may not have taken the game seriously enough 😉


The losers had to do push-ups. Chris showing us how it’s done:


Bonbon and I had green smoothies for breakfast this morning and now we’re getting ready to meet a nursing school friend for lunch at Brixx. I’m perfecting another pancake recipe, and I’m sure we’ll be doing lots more cooking this week, so stay tuned for some  more recipes and fun with the trifecta!

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  1. March 10, 2010 11:14 am

    yikes to how i look in some of these shots, but YAY to the trifecta!

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